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Communicating with Volunteers

With EventDog, you have the option to email volunteers, certain positions or specific individuals directly from the site.

Creating a New Message

To All Volunteers or a Specific Position

To manage messages from ALL of your volunteers, Click on the Emails tab on the left hand side of the page. On this page, Select the Year of your Event and choose the Event name to narrow down results. All messages from the Event chosen will appear, showing the “Email Name,” “Subject,” date it was created and modified and the status of when the email was sent or is scheduled.

???? To create a new message for ALL of your volunteers, go to the top right hand side of the page and Click the blue Create New Email button.

You can also message a certain position by Selecting your Volunteer event and Clicking on the Event to get to the Mange Volunteers page. From here you can Select a Position, go to the Action drop down menu and Click New Message. ???? is the green plus button (note) the same as an email?????

EventDog Pro Tip
Make it personal to each volunteer by using wildcards. See Below.

EventDog Pro Tip
The New Message page will also allow you to send messages specifically to volunteers who registered on or past a specific date; allowing you to send emails that volunteers before that date have already been sent. After your event, you can send an email specifically to Volunteers who check-in by clicking the Checked-In Only box.

Individual Volunteer

From the Volunteer Page, Click on the Event. This takes you to the Manage Positions page where you can click on the Position your volunteer is in. This will bring up a roster of all registered volunteers for those positions.

In the Email column of the roster, Click on the Email Logo to email them directly. ???this is outdated, now do you copy the email and go to the emails tab?????

EventDog Pro Tip
If your volunteer positions have Captains, the captains have the ability to email all volunteers for their position or individual volunteers for the position.

Add Personalized Detail

Make volunteer messages personal by using wildcards, whether you are sending them to all of your volunteers or just one position/individual. Wildcards allow you to put in volunteer registration details unique to each volunteer into messages. This allows you to give detail on dates, times, location and position descriptions.

For more information on how wildcards work, see the Event Communication article HERE

List of Volunteer Position Messaging Wildcards

  • *first_name*
  • *last_name*
  • *phone*
  • *shirtSize*
  • *position*
  • *positionDescription*
  • *positionLocation*
  • *positionStartDate*
  • *positionStartTime*
  • *positionEndDate*
  • *positionEndTime*

For information on setting a Volunteer Opportunity confirmation email please reference this article.

Copying a Message

EventDog allows you to Copy a previous volunteer message you have already sent. You will still be able to make changes to the email, and choose what event volunteers it is sent to.

THIS IS OUTDATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To do this, Click on the Volunteer tab on the left hand side of the page. Once your Volunteer Opportunities are pulled up, find your Event below. Once the Event is found, Click on the Action drop down menu and Click Manage messages. This will pull up any volunteer message you have sent for your event. To copy a message, Click on the Green rectangle on the left hand side of the message you would like to copy.

Updated on May 22, 2024

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