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Create a Fixed Price Item


To create a fixed price item, Click on the Merchandise tab on the left side bar. Then Click on the Create Merchandise Button.

Next, enter all the item details:

  • Item Display Name is the name the customer sees
  • Item Name is the name that shows in reporting
  • Select Fixed Price is the price you choose for the item
  • Enter an expiration date
  • Choose if the item can only be purchased with a registration
  • Enter the item’s description

If you select, “the item must be purchased with a registration,” it will not show in the Event store if you have one. It will only be sold within registration or within the “Shop Button” on the participant’s account where they have access to manage parts of their registration.

Click the Save Button in the bottom right of the screen.

Example of what a fixed item looks like:

EventDog Pro Tip
To add options such as sizing, color, etc, see the Editing Merchandise article HERE.

Updated on May 29, 2024

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