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Create a New Check In

To create a new check in, Click on Check In Tools tab from the tool bar on the left hand side of your event director account.

Next, Select the Create New Check In button in the upper right of the Check In Tools screen.

Set the Details

Here you will enter in a title for your check in system. This will only show on your event organizer account in your Check In Tools list.

Now, Select what Event the check in system is for, and what activities from the event will be included in check in.

Configure Fields

Using the Choose Fields button on the check in system manager you can select which fields you want to populate on the check in kiosk.

Click on Green arrow to Select a Field from the drop down list.

The following will show at the top of all check in kiosk:

  • Participant’s first and last name
  • Activity they are registered for
  • Payment status

You can add any common fields, registration question fields, generated fields, or merchandise.

Types of fields

  • Common – Basic questions from the registration template
  • Registration Questions – Any question from registration including custom questions
  • Generated- Any field created using the field generator to tag data (ex. bib numbers)
  • Merchandise- Any merchandise sold in the registration path

Registration question fields can be edited on the check in screen as long as the kiosk user is an admin. Generated fields can be automatically or manually updated by kiosk users that are not admin.

In the check in system manager, you will be able to view the fields you have added with a participant’s data in the lower left hand of the screen

Add Kiosk Users

In the check in system manager, Click on the Kiosk Users button. This will take you to the kiosk user manager. Here Select the New Kiosk User button in the upper right hand corner.

Name the kiosk and select a user role.

See more information on kiosk user roles HERE.

See more information on how to use the Kiosk HERE.

A single kiosk can be used on multiple devices. If you would like to have different kiosk logins create multiple kiosk.

If you plan to use a scanner to help make check in more efficient use the Print Labels button to print labels for each of your kiosk.

The labels have 3 barcodes:

  • Login – Logs the kiosk back in if it gets logged out
  • Confirm- Completes and marks the check in
  • Cancel- Cancels the current check in screen, and takes you back to the main screen of the kiosk

Delete Check In System

To delete a check in system, Select the Delete button.

This will delete the system, but will not affect your data or any check ins that have already occurred.

Updated on November 2, 2021

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