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Create an In-Line Donation

To create an in-line donation, Click on the Merchandise tab on the left side bar. Then Click on the Create Merchandise Button.

Next, fill in the donation details:

  • Item Display Name is the name the customer sees
  • Item Name is the name that shows in reporting
  • Select Donation and choose the cost
  • Enter an expiration date
  • Choose if the item can only be purchased with a registration
  • Enter the item’s description

Click the Save Button on the bottom right of the screen.

Setting Suggest Donation Amount

To add suggested donation amounts, enter desired number into the empty box under “Suggested Donation” and Click Add.

This will allow people to enter in an amount, or select one of the suggested amounts. If you don’t add suggested amounts, people will have to enter a donation amount manually.

Example of what the donation item will look like:

Updated on May 29, 2024

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