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Creating a New Email

To create a new email Click on the Email tab in the left hand side of your EventDog admin account.

This will open your email manager. Here you will be able to see emails you have sent, scheduled to send and not scheduled. If you have never sent an email this list will be empty.

Create a New Email

In the campaign manager Click on the Create New Email button in the upper right. Then enter in your email details and Click Save.

Once your email is created you will be in the email editor. Here you can edit details, recipients, schedule, delete or copy your email, edit content, preview and test your email before sending.

Once you select recipients the upper left of the email editor will show a summary of recipients.

Your email analytics in the bottom left of the editor will populate once the email is sent.

If you close out of your email you can always get back to it by selecting it from the email manager list and clicking on it.

Once an email has been sent you can no longer edit any content. When emails are sent you can only resend them to unopened or opened recipients or copy the email. Resending will allow you to edit the email content and details, but not recipients. If the email is copied, it is treated like a new email and all edits can happen.

Updated on March 5, 2021

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