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Creating a Registration Form

When using an EventDog Event template, there is a basic registration template for an Event’s Activities. The registration can be customized with custom Event questions, add/delete question blocks, questions, order questions and question blocks.

Where to Edit a Registration Form

To edit a registration form, go to your Event’s Activity. Click on the Event tab at the far left, then Select your Event. Next, Click on the Activity and Select the Questions tab underneath. Here is where the registration form can be edited.

How to Add Questions and Question Blocks

To add a new question to a registration form Click on the Green Plus sign at the end of a question block. Then Select to add a question from library or create a new question.

To add a new question block Click on the Green Plus sign or Scroll to the bottom of the registration form and Select the Add a New Question Block button.

Question Categories

You can add questions from the default library, your “my library,” or create new questions.

Default Library

EventDog has a library of questions you can use for your registration form. For example: gender, city, shirt size, etc. If you do not see a question you need in this list you can create a custom question.

My Library

The “my library” will include any custom questions you have created and added to your library. This is helpful if you have multiple events you need to set registration forms for that use the same questions.

To add a question to your library Click on the Question and Select the Small Green Plus sign. You can do this in the registration question section, or when you are in the default library’s custom questions.

Create a Custom Question

To create a custom question Click on the Green Plus sign at the end of a question block then Select the Green Create New Question button.

The next screen to pop up is where you will enter all your question’s details. The question will need:

Question Label
This will be what the participant sees on the registration form.
Question Name
This is the name the question will appear as in the question library.
Report Field Name
This is the name that will show as the column header on a data download report.
Foot Note
This is additional notes about the question that only the Event administration will see.
Mark Required or Optional
Use this to set the question as a required or optional question.
Question Type
Choose the format for the question you are creating.

Question Types:
– Text
– Select List
– Suggestion List
– Radio Button(s)
– Check Boxes
– Team Name
– Waiver
Required Unique
Selecting this will require what a participant enters here is unique and there are no duplicates. An example would be team names.

Creating a Text Question Deep Dive

If you choose to create a text question, EventDog has controls you can set to limit the number of characters entered and not allow special characters. These will allow you to regulate what text registrants enter into these types of questions.

Editing a Question Overview

To edit a question, Click on the Question you want to edit from the registration form. A row of icons will appear to the bottom left of the question.

The black arrows will let you move the question up or down within the question block. The red trash can will allow you to delete the question. The black four arrow symbol can move a question to a different block. Then the small green plus sign lets a question be added to your “My Library” of questions.

How to Order Questions and Question Blocks

Order Questions

To order questions within a block, Click on the Question you want to move. Then Use the black arrow on the left to move the question up or down.

To move questions to another question block, Click on the Question you want to move. Then Click on the Four Black Arrows icon.

Order Question Blocks

To move a question block up or down go to the top of the block. The top of the question block has the block’s name and a line. Here you will Click on the Black Arrows to the right to move the block up or down.

Hide a Question or Question Block

In the registration form, you can hide a non-required question from the live registration form. This is also true for question blocks that don’t include any required questions.

Hide a Question

First note, you can’t hide a required question, only non-required questions.

To hide a question Click on the Question and Click on the Pencil Icon. Then Select the Check Box that states, “Hide this question on the registration form.” Next, Select Save.

Hide a Question Block

To hide a question block, Click on the Pencil next to the block you want to hide. Then, Select the Check Box that says “Hide this block.” Next, Select Save.

Any question or block you hide will show an icon of an eye with a red dash through it while also being greyed out in the question editor.

EX: A hidden question block looks like this.

All questions in a hidden question block will also be hidden. If a question is marked hidden only that question will be hidden from the question block.

Updated on April 17, 2024

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