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Editing a Merchandise Item

A merchandise item can be edited in the following categories: Edit Details, Manage Pricing, Edit Options, Manage Images and Manage Store.

There a 2 ways to get to the item editing screen:

  1. If a new item is created, you will be taken to this screen automatically
  2. For already created items, Search for the item on the merchandise home screen. Then Click on the Item to edit or Select Edit on the Action Drop Down Menu

Once on the screen, select which aspect you’d like to edit by clicking one of the blue buttons.

Edit Details

In the edit details section you will be able to change item display name, item name, update from a fixed price item to donation, expiration date, registration required option and item description.

Item Display name is what the customer sees and Item Name is used for reporting.

Manage Pricing

By selecting Manage Pricing, you have the ability to add a new price level to the piece of merchandise you are editing.

Click the green plus sign that says “Add New Price Level” and enter the new cost. Next, add the start time/date for the new price to be implemented and Click Save.

You have the option to edit the new price level before it has been implemented by Clicking on the pencil icon next to the scheduled new price.

You also have the option to delete it by Clicking the red garbage can icon. Both are on the Manage Pricing Edit page of the Merchandise item you are editing.

Managing Donation Pricing

In order to manage the options for donation pricing, Click on the item in the merchandise list. The donation page that the participant will see will be automatically the page you land on.

By clicking one of the donation price options that is already there, Click the amount and enter the new price you would like to implement. Click Change Amount to save.

Clicking “Other Amount” is not the right option to choose when you want to add a new donation price because the page you see is the one that the participant will see when donating.

“Other amount” is the button the participant will choose to manually put in an amount they would like to donate that is not shown.

Edit Options

In Edit Options button, you can create options for your merchandise items such as size and color. After you create a new option, you will then have the ability to create the following that go with the option:

Option Labels
These are different labels that go with the option you created. Example: if you created the option of size then the labels will be the different sizes.
Cost Difference
A positive or negative amount to charge in addition to the regular price of the item. Example: size of a t-shirt will cost an extra amount that you can set here.
This is where you will set your stock level. The total amount in inventory. If you run low and add more inventory you will increase the value.
You can force an option not to appear by hiding it rather than adjusting the inventory.

“Sort Order” allows you to move your options above or below each other to organize how they will appear, by clicking on the up or down arrows.

How to Create an Option

Here is a step-by-step on how to create an option. In this example we are going to create the option of Size for a t-shirt.

Select the Edit Options Button on the Editing Screen

Next, write what option you are creating in the Text Box at the bottom left of the screen. Then Click the Save File Icon.

Now, Click on the Green Plus Button to enter the corresponding option labels, cost difference (if you don’t have one, leave it at $0.00), stock and visibility.

Then, Click the Save File Icon. Continue this until you have entered all the option labels you need.

To go back and edit the Option you created (or any Option Label), Click on the Pencil Icon next to it. To delete, Click on the Trash Can Icon.

Once the options and labels are in, the item will appear like this:

Managing Item Images

To add and manage item images, Click on the Manage Images Button on the editing screen.

Here, you can upload or select an image you already have uploaded/used in the past.

Next, you can use our image editor to edit your image. To do this, Click on the Pencil Icon next to the image. You can also delete an image by clicking the Red Trash Can Icon.

Edit the image

After making edits, Click Save on the top left corner of the image editing screen.

Manage Stores

You can add an item to a store by Clicking the Manage Stores Button.

Here, you will see two columns: “Unassigned Stores” and “Assigned Stores.” You can Click on Stores from the “Unassigned Stores” column and move it to the “Assigned Stores” column to add items to that store and vice versa. Once you have your stores assigned, Click Done.

Your item doesn’t have to be attached to a store to be sold. It can also be a part of multiple stores.

Updated on June 12, 2024

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