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Editing Email Content

To edit the content of an email open the email from the email manager and Click the Edit button in the Email Content section of the editor.

This will open the email content editor. Here you can add in all your text and images for the email campaign.

Inserting Wildcards

You can use the Wildcard drop down menu on the editing tool bar to add in personalized registration data to the email. This will show all the wildcard options that are available for your email based on the recipient selections you made.

Adding images

To upload an image Click on the Image icon in the editing tool bar. You can upload an image to your account, use an image you have already uploaded to your account or use an EventDog stock image. When inserting an image via upload or selecting there is an image manager that allows you to edit the image before inserting it into the email.

EventDog Pro Tip
If developing emails in an email marketing tool you can upload the source code to the EventDog email by Select the <> in the email editing tool bar. Then you can make edits to the code and SAVE.

Updated on March 5, 2021

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