Getting Paid

Payment Information

To add, or update payment information Click on the Person Icon in the top right and Select My Organization. Here you will Click on the Payment Information button. You can choose to direct deposit or have a check mailed.

Event Fees

Activity: Fee = $1 + 5.5% of each registration.

Example: One Registration
Registration = $40
-Processing Fee = $3.20
Total Price = $43.20
Example: Multiple Registration
Registration # 1 = $40
-Processign Fee = $3.20
Registration # 2 = $40
-Processing Fee = $3.20
Total Price = 86.40

This fee can either be added to the registration cost or deducted from the event organizer’s payment.

Example: ADD Fee to Registration
A $40 registration with “ADD fee to each Registration” would have the participant paying $43.20 and the Event Organizer receiving a payment of $40
Example: DEDUCT fee from Event Organizer’s Payment
A $40 registration with “DEDUCTED from the Event Organizer’s payment” would have the participant paying $40 and the Event Organizer receiving a payment of $36.80

The Event Organizer will set this detail when completing the terms agreement in the 1st step of creating an Event.

Merchandise: Fee = 5.5% of merchandise cost. This fee can only be DEDUCTED and includes anything you are selling (including donations)


EventDog will email statements twice a month on the 1st and 16th. You can choose to receive payments by direct deposit or check.

To update payment information Click HERE to view the “Managing Your Organization” article.

For more detailed information on statements Click HERE.


Each event organizer sets the refund policy for their events*. You can choose to refund all or part of the amount the participant paid, including the processing fee. Any refunds, including processing fees, will be deducted from your balance on the event’s next statement. 

Example: Registration is $40 and processing fee is $3.20 (5.5%*$40+$1)

  • Refund registration only– $40. Then $40 will be taken out of the next statement
  • Refund registration and processing fee-$43.20. Then $43.20 will be taken out of the next statement

* Per our Terms of Service, EventDog will automatically refund anyone who contacts us regarding a duplicate registration or in any situation where we believe the customer would win a chargeback dispute. 

Reserve Fund

Why have it

The Reserve Fund is held so that sufficient funds are available for refunds and chargebacks.

How it works

Each statement period, a percentage of the sum of New Revenue, Additions, and Refunds is added to the Reserve for each Event and/or Merchandise Item. The full amount of the Reserve is released in the statement period following 30 days after the final date of the Event, unless other arrangements have been made.

The default Reserve percentage is 10% for Events, and 0% for Merchandise.  Contact your support representative for more information, and to configure your Reserve percentage.

Updated on January 22, 2021

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