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How to Use Check-In Kiosk

To manage and use any of your kiosk, Click on the Kiosk User button in the check-in system manager. This will open the kiosk manager where you can add, edit, delete and get the links for kiosk.

Opening a Kiosk

There are two ways to have the kiosk open for check-ins. The kiosk can be opened using the link with the built in access code, or by using the access code to login.

Here you can obtain a unique link with the access code built in and the kiosk will automatically be logged in.

  • Copy the unique link with the access code built in
  • Open the link in a new window and paste the link

Opening a Kiosk with the Access Code

If you would like your check in kiosk to be logged into.

  • Copy the unique link with the access code built in
  • Open the link in a new window and paste the link
  • In the kiosk Click Rectangle with Arrow button in the upper left hand corner
  • This will take you to a enter access code screen
  • From this screen your kiosk can be logged into by typing the access code or scanning it if you have scanners and printed labels

Checking In

Search Participant

  • Once Kiosk open, enter the participant’s last name, first name, or bib number
  • Click Search
  • Search results of participants will show

EventDog Pro Tip
Searching the first three of a participant’s last name will bring up results faster.

Edit Participant Info

A participants registration can be edited from the check-in screen based on what fields you included and the check-in user is an administrator.

  • After participant is searched for, Click on the Registration
  • Click on the Pencil next to the registration field you would like to update
  • In the pop up window, make the Edit and Click Save

Reassign Bib Number

Once you have created a field generator for “Bib” you will be able to manual assign or dynamically assign bibs. This is all up to how you want to assign bib numbers.

  • Next to the bib field, Click Auto Assign or Manual Assign
    • Auto Assign- will bring in the next bib number in the range you entered into the field generator
    • Manual Assign- allows you to actually type or scan in the bib number

EventDog Pro Tip
You must have a field generator set up for bib numbers before bibs will show on the check-in kiosk. If you need any assistance on setting up your field generator for bibs contact us at [email protected].

Complete Check -In

Finally, after the participant has been found and information verified it is time to complete the check-in.

  • Click the Complete button in the lower right hand of the check-in kiosk
  • There will be a “Complete Check-In” that appears and fades on the screen

If a registration is marked VOID it can’t be checked in.

Remove Check-In

Check ins can be removed.

  • Search for participant
  • Select the registration
  • Click on the Remove button in the lower right hand corner of the kiosk
Updated on January 3, 2022

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