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Kiosk User Roles

There are two categories of user roles: check-in and auxiliary users.

Check-In Kiosk Users

Check-in users are the user roles that use the check-in system you created. These users are the ones that will see the fields you added to checked-in and complete a check-in.

  • Check-In
    • Can edit generated fields, but not registration question fields.
  • Administrator
    • Can edit generated fields and registration question fields. This role has the ability to make updates to participants registration at check-in.

Auxiliary Kiosk Users

Auxiliary users are kiosks that can be setup to assist with other areas of the check-in process or event management.

  • Send to Kiosk
    • Is a kiosk that is set-up to allow participants to type a code and pull up a registration, waiver, etc. that they need to complete.
    • This code will come from one of the check-in user roles by Clicking the Send to Kiosk button on the check-in kiosk.
  • Bib Lookup
    • Is a kiosk where participants can look up their bib number before going to a check-in kiosk.
  • Medical Lookup
    • Is a kiosk for medical professionals at your event to have quick access to participant medical information in the event something happens.

To use Bib Lookup you must have generated bib field for your event using the field generator in the Data Tools section.

Updated on April 10, 2024

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