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Manage Participant Referral Link

To manage a participant’s referral link, Search for the participant using the Magnifying Glass in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Next, Select the Participant’s Registration that is associated with the referral program.

Use the Referral Link button to find the participant’s link.

This section will allow you to add or change a discount code for a single participant’s referral link.

To add or change a discount code, Enter the New Code into the Discount Code section of the participant management referral screen. Click the Update Link button to add the code to the referral link. *Note: you must create the code in the Discount Code manager first.

Use cases:

  • You didn’t include a discount code in the referral program set up, but you would like certain participants to have a discount code associated with their code.
  • You have a person who promotes your race more and you want to add a higher discount code to their referral link than the one you included in the referral program.
Updated on April 10, 2024

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