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Referral Program Communication

A referral program has multiple points of communication:

  • Pop up window after completing registration.
  • Referral program email that will come a few minutes after the confirmation email. The content will include the referral program description and the participant’s unique referral link.
    • Note: This email will only come if you selected it during the referral program setup.
  • Use the following: wildcards in your event notifications (on-screen confirmation and email confirmation), or an event email to include the referral program information.
    • *referral_description*
    • *referral_link*
  • Progress emails will be sent to the participant each time someone uses their link and will stop once they reach the threshold.
    • The email includes: the name of the person who used their link and the number of the threshold that the referral equals (ex: 2 out of 5).

Updated on April 10, 2024

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