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Schedule an Email

To schedule an email Select the Schedule button at the top of the email editor.

Scheduling options

Send Now

Selecting Send Now and Clicking the Schedule button will send the email nine minutes later. This buffer gives you time to cancel the send if you need to make changes.

There will be a nine minute count down clock in red on the email editor. If the email needs to be canceled Click the Cancel Send button next to the count down clock.

Send Later

Selecting Send Later will allow a date and time to be set for the email to send in the future.

There will be a count down clock in red on the email editor all the way up until the time of the scheduled send that will allow the send to be canceled.

Keep Sending Option

This option allows a email to be sent to future registrations that fall into the recipient selection criteria set at the time of sending.

If this box is checked anyone who registers in the future within the recipient criteria will receive the email.

This is beneficial because it allows important event emails to be sent while registration is still open.

Canceling a Scheduled Email

The window to cancel a scheduled email depends on the scheduling option selected.

If Send Now was selected there is a nine minute count down timer in red that will display in the email editor with a Cancel Send button next to it.

If Send Later was selected the the count down timer will display up until the scheduled date and time with a Cancel Send button next to it.

Updated on March 5, 2021

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