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Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteers are an integral part of your Event, and their experience is just as important as an event participant’s. That’s why we help you keep this portion of your Event organized and streamlined from sign up, to day of check-in.

The Volunteer Opportunity features allow you to set volunteer positions, organize the number of volunteers at those positions, track the registration process for your volunteers, email your volunteers individually or as a whole position/event and day of check-in to assist you in event day operations.

Create a Volunteer Opportunity

To create a volunteer opportunity, Click on the Plus Sign at the top right of the page and Select Volunteer Opportunity from the create list.

This will take you to the Create Volunteer Opportunity page. On this page, you will create a name and add the dates of the volunteer opportunity. Next, sign the waiver and Click Create.

You will be taken to the edit page for the opportunity you just created. Here, you can edit the details of the opportunity and add a description for it.

On the Notifications tab you can edit each of the notifications a volunteer will receive after signing up by clicking the Edit button and editing the content of each.

EventDog Pro Tip
Configuring the confirmation email here is important as it will be the email sent to any volunteer that registers for your event. To make this more personalized use *Wildcards* to insert position and the volunteer’s name.

Volunteer Opportunity Confirmation Wildcards

After editing any of the opportunity information, click the blue Save button at the bottom of the page to save any changes made.

Adding Volunteer Positions

To add a volunteer position, Select the Year of your event and Click on your Event. This will take you to the Volunteer Manage Positions page.

To add a position, Click the Pencil Icon that says “edit opportunity.” and Click the Add New Position Button on the upper right hand corner of the page.

Next, Click the Add New Position Button on the upper right hand corner of the page. On the Next page, add all of the information for this position then Click Save.

Editing Questions

On the volunteer position of an opportunity, Click the Questions tab to edit the information that a volunteer will have to fill out when signing up. This includes details like name, address, t-shirt size and if you would like to include a waiver or a policy agreement for them to sign, etc.

By clicking a question and selecting the Pencil Icon, it will take you to the question editor where you can make changes, clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page to update them.

By clicking the “Update this question across entire even” checkbox when in the question editor, it will update the questions in each of the positions of the opportunity so that you don’t have to change every single one if necessary.

You can also add new questions from your library, create a new question, add merchandise or insert new question blocks by clicking on the green plus button at the end of each questions section.

Don’t Publish Feature

There is an option to set volunteer positions as “visible” or “invisible.” By clicking the drop down menu of the position and clicking on “show/hide position” you will have created a volunteer position that will not show on the main registration page.

You can tell a position is invisible by looking at the Eye Icon by the volunteer position and seeing if there is a red strike through it or not. The ONLY way to get to this opportunity will be through the page link.

You can get this link by Clicking the Action drop down menu and Clicking Build Link.

EventDog Pro Tip
Use this feature if you have specific groups in charge of bringing volunteers to a position.

Updated on May 22, 2024

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