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Manage Volunteer Opportunities & Positions

In EventDog you create a volunteer opportunity and within the opportunity you create positions.

Managing Volunteer Opportunities

First, go to the left side bar and Click Volunteers. This brings up all volunteer opportunities you have created. You can filter these by year if you have many opportunities. The volunteer opportunities list creates a quick view of important information regarding volunteer operations. From here, you can quickly see how many total positions the opportunity has, how many total volunteer spots are needed and how many spots have been filled.

You can also multi sort all opportunities by Clicking on the Arrows by the headings of the Volunteer Opportunity list.

Action Drop Down Menu

At the far right of a Volunteer Opportunity there will be an action drop down menu. From the drop down menu the entire opportunity can be managed.

The Action Drop Down Menu gives you the option to:

Edit Opportunity
This sets your volunteer confirmation registration emails and your wavier.
Copy Entire Opportunity
Save time by copying an entire opportunity, including positions, when you need a very similar volunteer opportunity at another one of your events or for the same event the next year.
Preview Opportunity
View how the opportunity looks on the registration page. NOTE: It will show all Volunteer Opportunities that are not checked “Don’t Publish”
Get Link
Creates the link you can use in all your marketing that will direct people directly to the volunteer opportunity page.
Manage Messages
Allows you to see all messages you have sent regarding the volunteer opportunity. You can also copy a message from this screen if you need to send it to more people or make slight changes.
New Message
Go directly to the new message page and generate a message for all volunteers or specific positions.
Shirt Size Report
Pulls a shirt sizing report for all volunteers no matter their position.

Managing Volunteer Positions

From the managing volunteer opportunities list Click on the Opportunity you want to view positions from. This will take you to the Manage Positions page.

On this page, you will see all the positions that have been created for the volunteer opportunity. You can also filter positions at the top right of the page. This view will quickly allow you to see the position, date, start time, end time, minimum volunteers needed, maximum volunteers needed, filled spots within the position, color code of registration status of position, color code of checked-in status of position and visibility (which lets you know if the position is visible to the general public or not).

The gear button to the far right of the column headings will allow you to change what information you see on this page.

EventDog Pro Tip
The color codes for registration and checked-in status allow you to quickly see which positions still need volunteers, or are fully staffed before and on race day. You can sort by registration status to help see which positions need filling and use the positions link code to help push volunteers to register to those positions during email campaigns. Then on event day sort by checked-in color status to see which positions have their required volunteers on site. If a critical position does not have enough people this allows you to efficiently shift your volunteer staff.

Green = Position is filled to capacity

Yellow = Position has reached minimum required

Orange = Reached half of the minimum required

Red = Position has not reach half of the minimum required

Action Drop Down Menu

At the far right of the volunteer position is the action drop down menu. From this menu you can mange the position.

The Action Drop Down Menu gives you the option to:

Edit Position
Edit anything from the position creation that you may need to change. For example position name, minimum/maximum requirements, shift time and position description.
Copy Position
Save time by copying a position when you need multiple of the same positions with slight changes.
Preview Position
View the registration page for the specific volunteer position.
Get Link
Creates a link to the specific volunteer position registration page. NOTE: If you select a position to not publish this link will be the only way for volunteers to get to the registration page.
New Message
Generate a message to send to a specific volunteer position.
Shirt Size Report
Pull a shirt sizing report for the individual volunteer position.
Delete Position
Delete a volunteer position you no longer need.

EventDog Pro Tip
You can use the position link in emails to recruit volunteers to the positions that need more spots filled.

Updated on March 27, 2024

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