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Teams Vs. Relays

EventDog allows you to set up teams for any of your Events Activities. You can also add running relays or triathlon relays to your endurance Events.

What is the difference between a team and a relay?

  • Team – where everyone completes the event individually at the same time as everyone else while being affiliated on the same team together. There is no limit to the amount of people who can be on a team.
  • Relay team – where each member of the team must complete their part of the event in consecutive order for the team to complete the event as a whole. There is a limited number of people on a relay team.

Teams Overview

Teams can be added to an Event by creating a Team Captain registration activity and attaching a Team Members question to any activity that can register and join a team. The Captain will set-up the team and determine how the team members will join via public, anyone with link or invite only.

To see things to consider, step by steps and an example of teams see our help article HERE.

Relays Overview

Relays can be added to running events and triathlons. Add a relay activity to your Event using the Running Relay or Triathlon Relay templates on EventDog.

When you add one of these templates a relay member activity that is hidden will be automatically added. The Relay Captain will register the Relay Team and invite members to join the relay. Those members will be emailed the link to the relay member activity registration that was automatically added to your activities when you added the Relay activity.

To see a step by step and tips on setting this up see our help article HERE.

Updated on May 3, 2024

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