Check In Tools

Check in tools allow you to create check in kiosks based on user type, and customize what fields you want to see at check in. Each kiosk has a unique link that turns any computer or tablet into a check in station .


  1. Create a new check in
  2. Add event and select activities
  3. Set up kiosks based on user type
  4. Add fields to check in kiosk
  5. Use link created for individual kiosk in a new tab to view/use the kiosk

Things to Think About When Setting Up a Check In

  • What information is critical to view at check in?
  • What information could need to be edited at check in?
  • How many kiosks do you need?

Perks of the Check In System

  • Check in on any computer, tablet, device, etc
  • User type to allow only certain people the ability to edit participant information
  • Ability to update participant information at check in

Updated on November 2, 2021

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