Check-In Tools

Check-in tools allow you to create check-in kiosks based on user type and customize what fields you want to see at check-in. Each kiosk has a unique link that turns any computer or tablet into a check-in station .


  1. Create a new check-in
  2. Add event and select activities
  3. Set up kiosks based on user type
  4. Add fields to check-in kiosk
  5. Use link created for individual kiosk in a new tab to view/use the kiosk

Things to Think About When Setting Up a Check-In

  • What information is critical to view at check-in?
  • What information could need to be edited at check-in?
  • How many kiosks do you need?

Perks of the Check-In System

  • Check-in on any computer, tablet, device, etc
  • User type to allow only certain people the ability to edit participant information
  • Ability to update participant information at check-in

Updated on April 5, 2024

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