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Copying and Resending an Email

Copying an Email

An email can be copied at any time by Selecting the Copy button at the top of the email editor. The next screen will have a prompt to copy the recipients as well as the content. To copy the content and the recipients Select the box and the Click Copy. To copy only, leave the “copy recipients ” checkbox blank and Select the Copy at the bottom.

EventDog Pro Tip
Save time by copying an email that has a similar set up or content to a previous email and then edit.

Resending an Email

It is important to note that after an email has been sent the only option is to resend or copy the email.

To resend the email Select the Send Again button at the top of the email editor. There are two options for resend. The campaign can be resent to recipients who have not previously opened ,or recipients who opened previously.

After choosing which recipients to send to an automatic copy of the email will be made and a new email editor will open. Here everything but the recipients can be edited.

When resending an email the recipients can’t be edited. If you need to have the same content, but edit the recipients use the Copy button.

Updated on March 5, 2021

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