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Transfer a Participant


In EventDog, you can choose to transfer a participant to a different activity of the event, or to a different event in your organization.

First search for a participant by Clicking on the Magnifying Glass in the upper right corner of the main tool bar. Once you have searched your participant, Click on the Participant’s Name. This will take you to the participant information screen. From here there are blue buttons at the top. Click on the Transfer button.

The transfer screen will pop up and you will Select the Activity from the drop down list to transfer the participant too. You can transfer a registrant to another activity within the current event they are register for, or another activity in another one of your events. This process also allows you to enter transfer fees.

Once you have entered all the transfer details you will Click on the Transfer button at the bottom right of the pop up screen. You will have two options here: Create Link or to Transfer Now. The create a link option will create a link you can email to the registrant. The transfer option will prompt you to one more pop up where you will confirm the transfer by Clicking on the Transfer button at the bottom right of the pop up.

Transfer Now

When using the Transfer Now, you will have options to transfer all associated items, such as merchandise and the processing fee, or select which ones to transfer.

After selecting to transfer any associate items, you can select to send a receipt and confirmation email. This will send them a receipt of the transfer as well as the confirmation email (email they would have received if they registered themselves for the activity) of the activity they are transferred to.

As an event organizer you will be able to easily track which event a registrant transferred to from their original transaction details.

From their new registration details you will be able to see where they transferred from.

To get to a registrant’s details use the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Once you find the registrant, open their registration and look for “transfer” in the Field Name column.

Updated on December 21, 2020

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