Activity Details

When entering in an Activity’s information details will be the first tab, at the top of the information box, to fill in.

All of the Activity’s details will be filled in here. So have the following information ready: Activity Name, Tagline, Date Venue, Venue Address, City/State, Registration Open Date, Registration Close Date, Close Registration Editing, Max Qty, Age Date and Min/Max Age.

There are two categories to pay special attention to. Registration Dates and Age Date.

Registration Dates

Registration Open Date- signifies the date that people can start registering for your event

Registration Close Date– signifies the date that people can no longer register for your event.

Close Registration Editing Date– signifies the date your registrants can no longer edit their information themselves. Thus, will have to contact you in order to make any changes.

EventDog Pro Tip
We know that your event is more successful the more registrations you have. That’s why with us, you can leave Registration open up until hours or minutes before start time. Why? Because we are your Event’s best friend!

Age Dates

You have two options when selecting Age Dates. They are “End of Year” or “Race Date”.

Selecting “End of Year”- will put your registrants in the age group associated with their age at the end of the year.

Selecting “Race Date”- will put your registrants in the age group based on their age on race day.

Updated on September 16, 2019

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