Statements are delivered to your EventDog event organizer account twice a month. An email notification will be sent to the billing email on file under the My Organization profile when they are ready to be viewed. If you do not have a billing email set, it will be sent to the contact email.

View Statements

To view your statements, log into your event organizer account.

Next, Click on the Reports tab in the left menu bar.

Under the financial reports, Select the Statement History report. Then, Select the Statement period you want to view and the PDF will come up.

Only admin and executive users for the organization can view statements

Interpreting Statements

Your statement is broken down into three sections: the account summary, event summary and transaction summary.

Account Summary

The account summary gives you a snapshot of your account coming into the statement period and at the end of it.

The first line titled “Balance forward from” and the last line titled “Ending balance on” reference the balance in your account from withheld Reserves to cover potential refunds or chargebacks.


Reserve Fund Info:
Each statement period, a percentage of the sum of New Revenue, Additions and Refunds is added to the Reserve for each Event and/or Merchandise Item.

The full amount of the Reserve is released on the statement period 30 days after the final date of the Event (unless other arrangements have been made). The default Reserve percentage is 10% for Events and 0% for Merchandise. Contact your support representative for more information and to configure your Reserve percentage.

Event Summary

The event summary shows all of your organization’s events and merchandise items as separate line items.

Sheet Break Down
  • Previous Balance – Any money that was in your Reserve fund coming into the statement period
  • Revenue – Total amount of money that the event or merchandise item made
  • Additions – Any additions (such as USAT) sold during registration
  • Refunds – Total amount of refunds made for the event or merchandise item
  • Reserve – The amount held back to cover refunds, chargebacks and any other expenses on your account (This is added to your previous balance)
  • Paid – Total amount of money paid to you from each event and merchandise item for the period
  • Ending Balance – The remaining total in your accounts Reserve fund (Note all of the remaining reserve is transferred to you 30 days after the event)

Transaction Summary

The transaction summary shows the total breakdown of all transaction types for each event and merchandise item.

To see more information on the event and merchandise transactions during a statement period, you can view the “Transactions by Event” and “Transactions by Merch Item” reports in your EventDog event organizer account.

Click HERE to login. Then Select the Reports tab on the far left. You will see the reports mentioned above and your statement in the Financial reports section.

Statements are in the UTC server time for consistency. The reports you can run in your admin account are set in your time zone.

Updated on May 1, 2024

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