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What you need to know

EventDog 101

EventDog hosts everything within an Event, but everything you sell to enter the event (a race registration or ticket) is an Activity. The Event can be set up in less time with EventDog Templates. Efficiently set up the helping hands of your event through Volunteer Opportunities. Manage Event discount codes with less hassle through the Discount Code Manager. Sell more than just entries to the event by creating a Merchandise Store.

Events vs. Activities

In EventDog, everything is organized into Events and their child, Activities. The Event acts as the overall container for Activities, and Activities make up race entries and tickets.

For example, events can have multiple races such as a marathon/half marathon/5k, or sell different ticket levels such as VIP/2 day ticket/1 day ticket. All of these different offerings are created as separate Activities under the Event.

Time Saver Note
EventDog’s Inheritance feature allows you to set details at the Event level and have them automatically set to the Event Activities.


EventDog uses Templates to save you time on set-up, allow you to get the most out of registration and let you focus on producing a great event. There are templates for simple events such as a 5k road race and more complicated events like a marathon festival or a multiple distance triathlon. You can also use a blank template to create a unique one-off Event if you prefer to set up everything yourself.

Volunteer Opportunities Overview

Volunteer opportunities are created and attached to the Event. Within volunteer opportunities you can create unique positions, take waivers, set min/max numbers and Event day check-in.

Discount Codes

The Discount Code manager allows you to provide discounts hassle free. Gone are the days of remembering when a discount expires, forgetting how many you gave out or tracking the mass amount of codes on registration. EventDog keeps it all in one place and does all the tracking for you.


Sell more than just entries into your Event. On EventDog you can set up an online merchandise store for your Event. If your Event is wanting to accept donations you can set that up through the store.

Updated on April 26, 2024

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